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Умный дом на английском языке

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10 марта 2020

Smart House

All people want to live in good conditions, to be around the friends and use all best facilities. I also would like to have beautiful life and see only wonderful things around me. But today it is important to have not only beautiful things around, but also smart things as well.

Nowadays every child has smartphone, computer, iPod, headphones and other facilities. It is not a surprise, but even their parents want to have smart things around. That’s why people seek to have smart houses. It is not easy, because you need a lot of money and time, but everything is possible.

For me a smart house is a place, where you can come back after work in the evening and relax 100% Nice music, hot and delicious dinner, good perfume and some good company can wait for you at this home. All these things are impossible without smart facilities. First of all here it has to be alarm. If any stranger wants to come inside, alarm will let you know. If you are waiting for somebody, there is a video monitor and you can see on TV at home who is knocking at the door.

Another thing is a smart facilities in the kitchen. I would like to have one machine that you can control and organize the way you want. You can program what meal you would like to have today, tomorrow and all week. You install the time when the meal has to be ready and «voila!» When you come back home, a table full of food is waiting for you.

Good music and perfume are possible even now for any family. You just need to choose what exactly you like and want.

Good company can make any day brighter and happier. Today there are many programs on the phones and computers can ask questions and give answers.

For me all these things can make my life easier, happier and brighter. This is a smart house I would like to have.

Умный дом

Все люди хотят жить в хороших условиях, быть окружёнными друзьями и пользоваться лучшими приспособлениями. Я также хотела бы иметь красивую жизнь и видеть только самые замечательные вещи вокруг меня. Но сегодня важно иметь не только красивые вещи дома, но также и умные.

В наши дни каждый школьник имеет смартфон, компьютер, айпод, наушники и другие приспособления. Ни для кого не станет сюрпризом, но даже родители хотят иметь дома умные вещи. Вот почему люди стремятся иметь умный дом. Это не просто, потому что вам понадобится много денег и времени, но все возможно.

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Для меня умный дом – это место, куда я хотела бы возвращаться после работы и расслабляться на 100% Приятная музыка, горячая и вкусная еда, хороший запах и добрая компания ждут меня дома. Все эти вещи невозможны без умных приспособлений. Прежде всего, в таком доме должна быть сигнализация. Если посторонний постарается проникнуть, вы об этом узнаете. Если вы ожидаете кого-то, то увидите на мониторе у себя дома, кто стучит вам в дверь.

Ещё важно иметь умные приспособления на кухне. Я бы хотела иметь машину, которая может контролировать и организовывать приготовление еды, которую вы любите. Вы можете запрограммировать, что вы хотите кушать сегодня, завтра и всю неделю наперёд. Вы указываете время, когда еда должна быть готова и «вуаля!» Когда вы вернётесь домой, ужин будет ждать вас.

Хорошая музыка и аромат могут быть в вашем доме уже сегодня. Вам нужно выбрать только, что именно вам нравится.

Хорошая компания сделает любой день ярче и веселее. Сегодня есть много программ на компьютер и телефон, которые умеют задавать вопрос и давать ответ.

По-моему, все эти вещи могли бы сделать мою жизнь легче, счастливее и светлее. Это умный дом, в котором я бы хотела жить.

Умный — smart [smɑːt].

Несколько синонимов:

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  • clever — умный, ловкий, искусный, способный, талантливый
  • intelligent — умный, разумный, смышленый, понимающий
  • shrewd — проницательный, хитрый, умный, практичный

Не упрямься, ты же умный человек. Do not be stubborn, you’re an intelligent person.

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Умный человек — не тот, кто много знает, а тот, кто умеет применять свои теоретические знания на практике и размышлять. An intelligent person is not one who knows a lot, but one who can apply his theoretical knowledge in practice and reflect.

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Как стать умнее? How to become smarter?

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Умный дом — это дом, в котором есть высокоразвитые автоматизированные системы контроля. A smart home is a house in which there are highly developed automated control systems.

When your robot becomes a smarty pants

Photo by Javier Pierini/The Image Bank Collection/Getty Images

A smart house is a home that has highly advanced, automated systems to control and monitor any function of a house — lighting, temperature control, multi-media, security, window and door operations, air quality, or any other task of necessity or comfort performed by a home’s resident. With the rise of wireless computerization, remote-controlled devices are becoming smart just-in-time. Today, it’s possible to pin a programmed chip onto any occupant and have systems adjust as a person passes by and through a smart house.

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Is It Really Smart?

A smart home appears "intelligent" because its computer systems can monitor so many aspects of daily living. For example, the refrigerator may be able to inventory its contents, suggest menus and shopping lists, recommend healthy alternatives, and even routinely order groceries. The smart home systems might even ensure a continuously cleaned cat litter box or a house plant that is forever watered.

The idea of a smart home may sound like something out of Hollywood. In fact, a 1999 Disney movie titled Smart House presents the comical antics of an American family that wins a "house of the future" with an android maid who causes havoc. Other films show science fiction visions of smart home technology that seems improbable.

However, smart home technology is real, and it’s becoming increasingly sophisticated. Coded signals are sent through the home’s wiring (or sent wirelessly) to switches and outlets that are programmed to operate appliances and electronic devices in every part of the house. Home automation can be especially useful for the elderly, people with physical or cognitive impairments, and disabled persons who wish to live independently. Home technology is the toy of the super-wealthy, like Bill and Melinda Gates’ home in Washington State. Called Xanadu 2.0, the Gates’ house is so high-tech that it allows visitors to choose the mood music for each room they visit.

Open Standards

Think of your house like it’s one, big computer. If you ever opened up the "box" or CPU of your home computer, you’ll find tiny wires and connectors, switches and whirling discs. To make it all work, you have to have an input device (like a mouse or a keyboard), but even more importantly, each of the components has to be able to work with each other.

Smart technologies will evolve more quickly if people didn’t have to buy entire systems, because let’s face it — some of us aren’t as wealthy as Bill Gates. We also don’t want to have 15 remote control devices for 15 different devices — we’ve been there and done that with televisions and recorders. What consumers want are add-on systems that are easy-to-use. What small manufacturers want are to be able to compete in this new marketplace.

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Two things are needed to make homes truly “smart,” writes research journalist Ira Brodsky in Computerworld. "First are sensors, actuators and appliances that obey commands and provide status information." These digital devices are already omnipresent in our appliances. "Second are protocols and tools that enable all of these devices, regardless of vendor, to communicate with each other," says Brodsky. This is the problem, but Brodsky believes that "smartphone apps, communication hubs and cloud-based services are enabling practical solutions that can be implemented right now."

Home energy management systems (HEMS) have been the first wave of smart home devices, with hardware and software that monitors and controls a homes heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. As standards and protocols are being developed, the devices in our homes are making them appear smart—very smart!

Prototype Houses

The U.S. Department of Energy encourages new smart designs by sponsoring a Solar Decathlon, held every other year. Architecture and engineering college student teams compete in a number of categories, including intuitive control of devices and appliances. In 2013 a team from Canada described their engineering as an "integrated mechanical system" controlled by mobile devices. This is a student prototype of a smart home. Team Ontario’s design for their house is called ECHO.

Domotics and Home Automation

As the smart house evolves, so, too, do the words we use to describe it. Most generally, home automation and home technology have been the early descriptors. Smart home automation has derived from those terms.

The word domotics literally means home robotics. In Latin, the word domus means home. The field of domotics encompasses all phases of smart home technology, including the highly sophisticated sensors and controls that monitor and automate temperature, lighting, security systems, and many other functions.

No need for those pesky robots, however. These days most mobile devices, like "smart" phones and tablets, are digitally connected and control many home systems. And what will your smart home look like? It should look just like what you’re living in now if that’s what you want.

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